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Image optimization – In SEO major techniques resembles with image optimization, it’s important to follow the steps in setting an image in website. A image speaks more than phrases so, optimizing image is more important.

Saving Settings

1.Under an “images” folder


2. Never save image in root directory


3. Create groups to maintain a large website.


Image format

Constantly save your image in .jpg

Tags in your Image

1. “Alt Tag” is must.

Example: <img src=”images/blue_sky.jpg” width=”100” height=”100” alt=”blue_sky”>

2. “Title Tag” also required.

Example: <img src=”” alt=”blue_sky” height=”300″ width=”400″ title=”blue_sky“/>

Important Features

  1. Identical image size must be maintained.
  2. Limited number of images per page.
  3. Unnecessary keywords must be avoided in alt and title tag
  4. Save in keyword terms
  5. undersized description details about image in your alt tag

Here comes the list of most prominent social media optimization sites (or) Social SEO sites to blend your site worldwide.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Orkut
  • Digg
  • Stumble Upon
  • Reddit
  • Local yahoo
  • Google plus+
  • Slide share

Explore your Website by grouping in all such social media sites. These bring unlimited visitors to your website and allow becoming popular in shorter period. Check Houston SEO to know more about Social media optimization.

On page optimization- An Technique for every developer to engage their website to the search engine. Among modern age band, on page optimization is not considered as an essential act but this may drive their website to downhill. Optimizing is not much difficult task. Here is such list of techniques, which allows implementing your website to good exposure.

Title Tag:

  • A, An, Of, On, The – must be evaded in title.
  • Usage of @,| – special characters are welcomed
  • Usage of Keyword, Company name in title beginning is good for advertising
  • 10-12 words is more than enough

URL Optimization:

  • SEO friendly URL which is more static is vital

Content Optimization:

Relevant content which is more users attractive is always welcomed to good extend. Use Keywords in your content just a couple of time. Avoid tough and hard readable content which may grab your followers to other competitors content. Make your followers stuck in your website and visit often by your eye-catching contents. Keep your content up to date since Google spider often spreads a new thing in search engine.

Meta Tags:

Asset your website with Meta keywords, Meta Description

Meta keywords: Keywords are the hints for the user to define what is exactly explained in webpage. Range between 10-15 Keywords.

Meta Description: It is a snippet on search result page about your webpage. Must range between 150-160 characters.

Heading Tags:

  • <h1> tag – Primary keywords
  • <h2> tag – secondary keywords

An online press release circulation has uprising the method and swiftness at which writers attain curios publications. Per day, a bigger percentage of citizens do an online research before choosing which companies to do dealing with, assembling SEO press releases that much more essential. A healthy SEO press release can end result in long-standing, excellent quality, search engine results, supporting you to mount above your opponents.

Following are several techniques to establish specific goals and make best use of your probability of meeting your target.

1. Enhanced Search Engine Ranking

Include keywords in your title, and try to take in two others in your summary for the maximum impact.

2. Developed Site Traffic & Sales

Include elements such as Images, videos link to the page, include the page where readers can get in to action in an iFrame beneath the press release. This will support readers to steer to the page without ever parting the press release.

3. Assemble a trademark standing on the Internet    

Share on Twitter and Facebook. Maintain conversations through forums in many popular sites. Cheerful customers are comparable to reliable admirers who will distribute your content.

4. Make bigger Beyond Google

Be lively, and make public press releases repeatedly. The more honorable you are, the quicker your news will broaden.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It is very clear that every web site must be optimized, and then automatically your site will be visible on search engines. Developing Website is an easy task than it is compared to optimizing it to be indexed on search engines. List of basic things in SEO:

  • Tags: Such as Title Tag, Meta Tags, Heading Tags, Alt Tag
  • Relevant Content
  • Link Building
  • XML Sitemap
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Logical Site Structure
  • Using Google Analytics
  • Using Web Master Tools