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When an entire agency concentrates on finding solutions to your business objectives,you don't just get a great experience, flawless usability or stress tested custom applications. You get the perfect harmony of every component necessary to succeed.

* Avoid Duplicate pages. Unique is best fitter in a website. Duplicate pages resembles often in Dynamic websites.

*Use 2 or less parameter’s in a Dynamic URL. Try to rewrite your URL structure using .htaccess.

*404 page – Always redirect it to your Homepage or any of your relevant inner pages.

*Avoid discussing or paying for boosting your site to unknown vendor’s .Their main aim to just advertise than to work for your keywords to rank in search engine wars.

*Make your keywords worth a lot. Never belief on treacherous expert advices.

*Live only recent amount of Links in your website. Maximum amount of outgoing links may pull your website power to lack behind.

*Avoid Flash, which may create problem in crawling. Also avoid Black-Hat Techniques.

This is a high level Google architecture, explains all features about it working system. C or C++ is the major platform for its development since it can run moreover in Linux (or) Solaris.

Step1: The web crawling allows for downloading of web pages. URLserver sends lists of URLs to the crawlers

Step2: Downloaded web pages are sent to the Storeserver

Step3: Storeserver just compresses and stores at Repository

Step4: DocID is assigned for each web page

Step5: Indexer – Sorter combines for indexing function

Step6: Distributes the hits and sorts all links

Step7: URLresolver converts relative URLs into absolute URLs and then in to into docIDs

Step8: Links Database is created and used to figure out PR for all Documents

Step9: Sorter produces a record of wordIDs and offsets.

Step10: DumpLexicon works the list with Lexicon and produces new lexicon for searcher

To make your website more popular and sited in many site. Start developing to register your site and Get Listed. This Local Listing brings more visitors and perfect reviews to your site. Listing your business in yellow pages alone sounds old style of publishing. Reviews are displayed in search engines during any search if you have listed for your Business.

Listed below are few sites as sample for Local Listing: