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When an entire agency concentrates on finding solutions to your business objectives,you don't just get a great experience, flawless usability or stress tested custom applications. You get the perfect harmony of every component necessary to succeed.

* Avoid Duplicate pages. Unique is best fitter in a website. Duplicate pages resembles often in Dynamic websites.

*Use 2 or less parameter’s in a Dynamic URL. Try to rewrite your URL structure using .htaccess.

*404 page – Always redirect it to your Homepage or any of your relevant inner pages.

*Avoid discussing or paying for boosting your site to unknown vendor’s .Their main aim to just advertise than to work for your keywords to rank in search engine wars.

*Make your keywords worth a lot. Never belief on treacherous expert advices.

*Live only recent amount of Links in your website. Maximum amount of outgoing links may pull your website power to lack behind.

*Avoid Flash, which may create problem in crawling. Also avoid Black-Hat Techniques.

Image optimization – In SEO major techniques resembles with image optimization, it’s important to follow the steps in setting an image in website. A image speaks more than phrases so, optimizing image is more important.

Saving Settings

1.Under an “images” folder


2. Never save image in root directory


3. Create groups to maintain a large website.


Image format

Constantly save your image in .jpg

Tags in your Image

1. “Alt Tag” is must.

Example: <img src=”images/blue_sky.jpg” width=”100” height=”100” alt=”blue_sky”>

2. “Title Tag” also required.

Example: <img src=”” alt=”blue_sky” height=”300″ width=”400″ title=”blue_sky“/>

Important Features

  1. Identical image size must be maintained.
  2. Limited number of images per page.
  3. Unnecessary keywords must be avoided in alt and title tag
  4. Save in keyword terms
  5. undersized description details about image in your alt tag

On page optimization- An Technique for every developer to engage their website to the search engine. Among modern age band, on page optimization is not considered as an essential act but this may drive their website to downhill. Optimizing is not much difficult task. Here is such list of techniques, which allows implementing your website to good exposure.

Title Tag:

  • A, An, Of, On, The – must be evaded in title.
  • Usage of @,| – special characters are welcomed
  • Usage of Keyword, Company name in title beginning is good for advertising
  • 10-12 words is more than enough

URL Optimization:

  • SEO friendly URL which is more static is vital

Content Optimization:

Relevant content which is more users attractive is always welcomed to good extend. Use Keywords in your content just a couple of time. Avoid tough and hard readable content which may grab your followers to other competitors content. Make your followers stuck in your website and visit often by your eye-catching contents. Keep your content up to date since Google spider often spreads a new thing in search engine.

Meta Tags:

Asset your website with Meta keywords, Meta Description

Meta keywords: Keywords are the hints for the user to define what is exactly explained in webpage. Range between 10-15 Keywords.

Meta Description: It is a snippet on search result page about your webpage. Must range between 150-160 characters.

Heading Tags:

  • <h1> tag – Primary keywords
  • <h2> tag – secondary keywords