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As SEO becomes more enhanced and more strategy-based, it’s becoming more complicated and more complicated to get away with the methods that were current several decades ago. This publish will break writing a weblog styles down into six groups to help you ensure that your New Season’s writing a weblog solutions will get you more traffic and better authorial position.


In the old days, a two number of word short article sufficed. Today it’s three number of. In the future, it will keep increase. The most reliable content on Google’s first page are usually at least a million words, sometimes even two million or more. Part of Google’s criteria assessments for detail and high quality, which is more obvious in longer content. Expect this focus on length to become the new standard.


While detail and high quality are essential, they are only portion of a finish authorship technique. Variety in your material is another way to demonstrate your expertise as a blogger; the best on the internet writers cover several different subjects. Visitors content are an excellent way to broaden and offer value to a wider viewers. Then, when Look for engines signs up you as the writer of several content across the web, your authorship will increase.


Google places more significance on Google+ than any other look at their search methods. That is why it’s essential for every weblog writer to sign-up for Google+ so they can improve their authorship. This symbolizes a propensity toward improved significance on public networking in on the internet search engine results positioning positions. The big three are Google+, Facebook or myspace and Tweets, but LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest are essential too. Post regularity and number of public networking stocks indicate material high quality.


In substance, public discussing is a fantastic way to build reliable inbound links, and in 2014, back-links need to be more reliable than ever before. When it comes to a extensive back-link technique, old-fashioned microsites are coming under nearer examination. If you do create satellite tv sites, create sure to signify a fairly neutral position—link to your opponents to demonstrate that you are on the same level as them. Generally, the present back-links are more about high quality than amount.

Videos and Photos

In inclusion to high-quality information, video clips and images are essential. Vine’s success reveals that short video is easy to spread and eye-catching to customers. Pictures are an excellent way to add extra meta-data to your publish when you add alt written text and explanations.


If you have not enhanced your website for cellular you are neglecting a essential aspect of your SEO. More than half of the American inhabitants has a smart phone, and product use is considerably increasing. Moreover, slowly loading time are another critical facet in SEO positions. To achieve greater authorship, create sure that your site—mobile included—loads quickly and works properly. If you are not sure how to do this yourself, you may want to seek the services of a web development company to help you.

Blogging styles for 2014 are sure to proceed in this line of thinking in decades to come. For those blog writers out there looking to improve their SEO, it’s necessary to have a finish web marketing technique and to start now, before you cannot capture up.

Backlinks are the top ranking factors for a site to rank higher in Google. After the Google updates it’s the quality of backlinks that ranks nor the quantity. Getting hundreds of unrelated backlinks is of no use. Google penalizes for getting unrelated backlinks and your site may be reported as spam. Backlinks have become the fuel of SEO. So even with fewer quality backlinks you can rank your site higher in Google.

So it’s all about focusing on the quality of backlinks. Here are few qualities that a quality backlink should posses:

Backlink should be obtained from a page or site which has a high page rank. Usually backlinks from sites having PR 4 or above are considered excellent.Sites having PR 2 or 3 are more common so obtaining backlinks from such pages are considered fair practices. It’s better to avoid getting backlinks from Sites having PR less than 2 as they are not considered quality backlinks.

Backlink anchor text should be rich with the correct keyword.Quality backlinks should have a keyword rich anchor text as Google anchor text to verify what the page is about.

Quality links are Long term Links.An important feature of quality backlink is that it should be long term. The one obtained from the forums are long term links and cannot be easily removed.

Contextual backlinks are of higher quality.Contextual backlinks are the one that appear in the midst of article content. Such backlinks are more powerful than other backlinks.

Quality backlinks also depend on the source of sites. It should be of a quality and ethical websites.

A quality backlink should be obtained from a lively site. An active site with frequent content posting will be indexed by Google and this helps your site to rank higher.

The primary step in search engine mechanism is crawling the website. So enhancing the crawlability quality of website should be the primary task for a webmaster. Let’s look at some of the basic guidelines on how to scrutinize crawl errors.

Construct and handle the robot.txt file

The Robot.txt contains the list of web pages that needs to be excluded from crawling. Place the files in the robot .txt which you want to restrict from crawling and listing publicly in search engines. But ensure that it does not contain any pages that need to be crawled and ranked.

Construct and handle the Sitemap.xml file

The sitemap is a directory of web pages in the form of xml document that can be available to users and crawlers. Creating and managing sitemaps makes it easier for the bots to locate web pages and crawl your website. Sitemaps should be placed at the top level directory of the web server.

Ensure for homepage navigational problem

No matter wherever you are on a website there should be a navigational link to the homepage. Having a reliable and static location of the homepage navigational link on every page enhances usability.

Evade short-term and META pass on

Short-term and Meta redirects are one among the black hat techniques which spammers use to gain higher rankings. The Search engine doesn’t like such practices.

Verify pages for ‘NoIndex’ or ‘NoFollow’

Ensure that the pages of your site which are intended to be ranked in the search engine are not marked with NoIndex and NoFollow tags.

Frequently monitor and fix broken links

Broken links can have a greater impact on your SEO efforts by reducing user experience and search engine crawls. It is hard to avoid broken links but it can be easily fixed by frequently monitoring.

SEO has become a vital part of online marketing. Be it a small or large business everyone wants to grab its advantage. A lot of professionals think that a business should have a good grade on Google if it wants to enhance online business.

Keywords are the foundation of Google Ranking factors. So the foremost task during website optimization is accomplishing keyword. Google provides a pair of tools such as Google Analytics and Google Insights to hunt the usually searched keywords on Google Search engine.

Don’t flood your contents with keywords as Google label keyword flooding as spam. Build a fair keyword density in your content. Keyword location plays a significant role in Google ranking. Placing keywords in the title tags are a good practice and has the highest significance.

Backlinks are the fuel for search engine optimization. It’s a boon for small and start up business as through this they can submit profiles on high ranking sites. High quality and relevant backlinks can help your site to achieve a higher ranking as well as high traffic. It’s not the quantity; it’s the quality of backlinks that ranks your site in Google. So focus on backlinks quality and not on quantity.

Optimize your site on the web after you have optimized your contents. Social network plays a vital role in enhancing your ranking. There are a lot of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ which enhances your ranking. Submit your sites on such social networks.

Since Google started releasing updates a lot of websites started losing their ranking and some sites have completely vanished. It keeps on throwing fireballs to make its search content valuable and user-friendly. It has clearly defined its viewpoint on quality part. Just focus on certain points to make your site rank higher and stay cool. So here are some do’s and don’ts of Panda which matters to rank your site.

Do’s of Panda:

  • Focus on creating quality title and unique content
  • Optimize the images to make it SEO Friendly
  • Gain back links from high quality sites
  • Focus on social media networks to generate high traffic to your site
  • Focus on improving user experience.
  • Enhance bounce rate

Don’ts of Panda:

  • Avoid getting back links from inappropriate and low quality sites.
  • Evade duplicate content.
  • Avoid copy and paste technique for content.
  • Flooding and stuffing keywords
  • Avoid unpopular TLD’s


Knowledge gained is highly valuable under all circumstances, especially when you are new to the Search Engine Optimization industry.

•    Make a list of your SEO Competitors

The scrutinizing process becomes impossible without a list of competitors. You should know who your competitors are in the SEO industry. Identifying your competitors is both easy and difficult in an ironical way. If you own an offline business, identification process becomes easier. All you need to do is visit their websites. In other cases, it becomes daunting. Your SEO competitors could be websites that rank well or higher for your significant keywords or even direct competitors for your long tail keywords. Make use of search engines such as Google and search using your target keywords and then make your list based on companies that appear high in search results. This final list is your major competitors list.

•    Analyze your competitor’s website

The second most crucial stage is the analysis and the data you infer from your competitor’s website. This gives you a direction regarding what your firm’s drawbacks or shortcomings are and help you work towards improving them. Check for details such as how professional is the design of their website is, how much content does the website portray, quality of those contents, whether they use dynamic or static URL’s etc.

•    Analyze Competitors website’s keywords

SEO and keywords work in tandem. It is the success rate of the keywords that decides the fate of the website. By analyzing your competitor’s website and its related set of keywords, you’ll understand a pattern in which these competitors have worked with their keywords and why they deserve such a high rank amongst search engine result sets. This will help you to learn how to use your set of keywords and push them higher in terms of ranking to get an overall good rank for your website ethical SEO wise. Make use of specialized tools such as Website Keyword Suggestion tool and Keyword Density Cloud Tool to identify significant keywords of your competitors and also check for its keyword density respectively. You can make a detailed and efficient analysis of keywords by using specialized tools for the purpose.

•    Check for Backlinks

Second most important parameter when it comes to search engine optimization is the backlinks parameter that contributes to overall rank of the website. Hence check for your competitor’s backlinks. Understand that it is not about quantity when it comes to backlinks. It is about quality links that the website holds that matters more.

•    Check other SEO factors

Factors such as Page Ranks in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, total number of indexed pages the site has with the same search engines, internal links navigational structure and many more significantly influences website’s overall rank. Check those SEO factors of your competitors.

•    Competitors presence in Social Media

Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube etc has in a way revolutionized the art of SEO. Every SEO company has turned towards Social media optimization strategies for more business opportunities. Check out how your competitors are doing well in those social media sites.

•    Understand how Competitors use PPC Ads

PPC simply drives good traffic for websites. It’s cheaper and efficient. Google Adwords is highly popular in this context. By opting for such PPC campaigns, you tend to increase opportunities for your business. And by using specialized tools such as Analyze Competition tool limited for only Google PPC campaigns such as Adwords, you can understand how well your competitors are doing in these Ad campaigns. You can also understand where the scope of improvement for your firm lies.

Google Adsense is a way to establish your website and get your account filled up. Engage your content with good quality. You can also add images, videos which are relevant to your site. Here come few tips about how to do this in a successful way.

* Make sense with your ad. Never promote it in a way like your urging to make money. Just make it look simply and great

*Explore your Ad always on top of the page. It grabs lot many visitors and followers to your page

*Always stuff quality keywords and content on your page. It helps Adsense to add more related ads in your page

*Simple step – By having more traffic to your site. We can utilize lot many people to click on your ad

*Keep updating your website by adding more pages which automatically drive traffic to your website

*Belief in Good content with excellent termed keywords