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AdWords Optimization Instructions for Ecommerce

There comes a time in every AdWords advertiser’s life when your attempts to develop an account’s performance begins to stall. Getting an extra set of eyes on your account can be a grand way to get out of the slump. We’ve just performed several of these perspective-rounds at White Shark Media and came up with nine optimizations that you will be able to perform in your AdWords account immediately regardless of skill level.

As with any job, the hardest thing about it is to actually get started. That is why I have created a list start with three basic tasks that you can start implementing immediately. This list is designed to start you off on the right track and get you in the right mindset to for the more complex areas.

When opening off with the basics you can’t get past ad testing. Ad testing is monumental to AdWords success and even though it’s listed as a fundamental tip, it doesn’t mean it’s not important. Only by continually testing ads will you be able to find better performing ads and lift your overall performance.

If you’re running dry on ad testing ideas, we formed a visual list of 71 ad testing ideas for AdWords that you can use. It’s been highly effective in increasing the amount of ad tests that our SEM Strategists perform on a monthly basis.

One thing you might not done in a while is streamline the ads running in your account. Personally, I used to get caught up running individual ad tests in my ad groups. This resulted in some ad groups doing grand and others doing suitable.


By simply testing how your successful ads from existing ad groups perform in other ad groups, you can potentially reap big, and fast, rewards.

The advantages of implementing your Analytics reports are monumentally significant to be able to optimize your eCommerce AdWords campaigns. I previously wrote a post about why I believe you should forget about cost-per-conversion if you’re an e-commerce advertiser, and I still hold this belief.

Only by implementing your Analytics transactions to AdWords, you will have precise data on how much value you’re actually generating from AdWords. When you know how much revenue each keyword/ad/campaign generates, you will be much better suited to determine your performance.

This final basic tip is huge time-saver. A smart Google+ user recently suggested to Google AdWords to add a column for Last Edited Keyword/Ad/Ad Group/Campaign in AdWords. That’s a genius and easy advice that I hope Google acts on quick.

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