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Figure out the Basic Functions about Google Spider

Google’s spider – what does it mean?

A Google spider is a software program that is designed by Google to crawl the large number of websites and WebPages that involve the web browser. Another term used for Google’s spider program is Googlebot and Google Crawler.

Googlebot regularly update Google’s memory or index by crawling latest sites and existing sites as it goes. The following steps will explain about the various processes done by Googlebot.

Step 1:

To crawl a newly created website, the webmaster first submits their web address in Google webmaster tools. Google webmaster tools are a free web service developed for webmasters by Google. It has various tools and allows the webmaster to check the status of website. Googlebot is one of the google webmaster tools that are used to crawl the site.

Step 2:

Googlebot will visit a new site only when it is added to a list of latest sites. To pay its first visit to a newly formed site the spider can take several hours up to several weeks.

Step 3:

The spider will repeatedly begin scanning the various site components when it reaches the newly created website.

Step 4:

Google spider program basically forms a snapshot of the new website and all its web pages, as it visits and crawls through the website.


The snapshot of the new website and its web pages is crawled or stored. The crawled information is then added to the Google index. The site and web pages will appear when the user types for a related site or topics in a search engines.

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